Natural Remedies to keep Ants away

Tired of Ant infestation in your house? How to get rid of ants? Various homemade remedies can be used to prevent and exterminate ants easily without making use of chemicals, pesticides and insecticides.The red and black ants commonly found, create nuisance once they enter in our house.

The most inexpensive and effective ways to get rid of ants with homemade natural remedies:

  • Mint: AntssCrushed mint leaves or sprinkle dried mint leaves powder in the infected areas.
  • Boric acid:Mixture of Boric acid powder, sugar and water can be effective to eradicate ants infestation.
  • Camphor:Keep ants away by placing camphor balls
  • Caffeine: Sprinkle coffee grounds around the area infected by ants. Ants hate coffee grounds smell and move away from it.
  • Vinegar:Make use of Vinegar, as ants hate Vinegar scent. Spray vinegar and water mixture tp prevent ants entering your house.
  • Lemons:Mixture of lemon Juice with water also acts as a great remedy to eradicate ants.
  • Petroleum Jelly:Petroleum jelly acts as an obstacle for ants and prevents ants from entering food stored.
  • Salt: Sprinkling salt can also help as a great remedy to keep ants away.
  • Spices: Spices like Laurel/bay leaves, Cinnamon, Pepper, garlic cloves, can keep ants away from food storage.
  • Soap: Sprinkling solution of liquid soap and water can also help in keeping ants away.
  • Talcum powder: Talcum powder can be used to keep ants away .
  • Cucumber : Place cucumber peels at the ants point of entry. Cucumber will repel the ants and keep them away. 

Call in a professional exterminator or pest control company for identification and recommendations if your attempts fails .

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