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Top 5 Annoying Pests Problem

One of the worst and shocking problems for a house owner is to find out that the house has been invaded by pests. There are lots of unwanted intruders that can result in issues if left untreated and ignored.


Attracted to food scraps, Cockroaches are mainly found at dirty benches and tables, drains, behind stoves and fridges, bathroom and kitchen closets, septic tanks and leak drainage system. Cockroaches can carry many disease producing germs on their bodies.


Rodents like Rats and Mice are mainly found in unhygienic dirty place. Besides spreading Bacteria and disease-causing germs they also cause significant damage by destroying things such as furniture, clothes, books, food, wires, cables, pipes etc.

Wasps and Hornets

Stinging Bugs can lead to a huge problem if bitten.  The bites and stings from wasps and hornets are usually painful and can cause allergic reaction.  Severe reactions can be rapidly fatal if untreated.


Termites cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops, plantation forests etc. Termite’s infestation can cause great damage due to their wood-eating habits.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are tiny parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood. Once invaded Bed Bugs rapidly reproduce and spread from room to room, if left untreated.  They can be avoided or eradicated with pest control treatments such as heat and steam treatments, structural fumigation’s and cold treatments.

Pest management is a good solution for keeping annoying pest’s away. Pest Control management is beneficial since it makes your place safe from the destructive outcomes of unwanted pests. Hiring a pest management professional (PMP) can be very effective at preventing, controlling and eradicating further infestations.

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