Simple ways to keep Cockroaches Away

Cockroaches are the oldest and common insects on earth.  The insect depends on water, food and humid, moisture area.

The six-legged insect can spread bacteria like Salmonella and Shigella from place to place. They contaminate food, spread disease and allergies. It is essential to make your place less attractive, favorable and accessible for roaches to get rid of them. If left untreated, the nocturnal insect increases their population making us difficult to get rid of them.


Cockroaches eat garbage, waste, left-over human food, feces, shoe, paint, rotten fruit, bread, peanuts, starches, sweets, milk, glue, soap, fabric, human hairs, nails, coffee grinds  etc. These insects can survive on varied diet including other cockroaches too.

Dwelling Places

Cockroaches are mainly found in areas with warm, humid and moisture conditions.  We can find them in our home at common places like wall cracks and crevices, restricted spaces, furniture, undisturbed isolated places, kitchen closets, sinks, drains, gardens, cupboards, tiny gaps, pipes, slits, piles of newspapers etc.


 Cleanliness and sanitation is the must and best way to prevent Pest problems.

  • Maintaining cleanliness in Kitchen – Cleaning left over food stuffs, Garbage bins with tight lids, water leaks must be repaired, wall cracks should be sealed, airtight containers for food storage, Sewage and plumbing systems must be maintained  etc.
  • Boric Acid – Boric Acid powder is effective killer and repellent to cockroaches. The powder should be sprinkled in cracks, around sinks, cabinets etc. and other expected places.
  • Ready-to-use spray – Ready to use spray in market can be sprayed.


  • Cockroaches can live for weeks without their heads.
  • Cockroaches can survive without food and water for long periods of time.
  • Cockroaches can produce thousand offspring in a year.
  • There are around 4,000 various species of cockroaches in the world.
  • Cockroaches have been dwelling on the earth for more than 400 million years


Cockroach infestation will often require professional pest controllers. Just Bugs offers a fast and effective Commercial and Residential pest control in Burlington, Ontario and surrounding location .


Natural Remedies to keep Ants away

Tired of Ant infestation in your house? How to get rid of ants? Various homemade remedies can be used to prevent and exterminate ants easily without making use of chemicals, pesticides and insecticides.The red and black ants commonly found, create nuisance once they enter in our house.

The most inexpensive and effective ways to get rid of ants with homemade natural remedies:

  • Mint: AntssCrushed mint leaves or sprinkle dried mint leaves powder in the infected areas.
  • Boric acid:Mixture of Boric acid powder, sugar and water can be effective to eradicate ants infestation.
  • Camphor:Keep ants away by placing camphor balls
  • Caffeine: Sprinkle coffee grounds around the area infected by ants. Ants hate coffee grounds smell and move away from it.
  • Vinegar:Make use of Vinegar, as ants hate Vinegar scent. Spray vinegar and water mixture tp prevent ants entering your house.
  • Lemons:Mixture of lemon Juice with water also acts as a great remedy to eradicate ants.
  • Petroleum Jelly:Petroleum jelly acts as an obstacle for ants and prevents ants from entering food stored.
  • Salt: Sprinkling salt can also help as a great remedy to keep ants away.
  • Spices: Spices like Laurel/bay leaves, Cinnamon, Pepper, garlic cloves, can keep ants away from food storage.
  • Soap: Sprinkling solution of liquid soap and water can also help in keeping ants away.
  • Talcum powder: Talcum powder can be used to keep ants away .
  • Cucumber : Place cucumber peels at the ants point of entry. Cucumber will repel the ants and keep them away. 

Call in a professional exterminator or pest control company for identification and recommendations if your attempts fails .

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Exterminate Bed Bugs with the Heat Treatment

Bed Bugs are the tiny insects which feeds on blood. As Bed Bugs are usually active at night they are difficult to detect. These oval-shaped bugs can be found near bed, dirty places, cracks, crevices, walls, clothing’s, furniture, mattresses, Bus, Car, car seats etc. Bed bugs can survive without eating for several months.

Thermal remediation or Heat treatment is non-toxic and environment friendly treatment to eradicate the Bugs family. The treatment is a established method that effectively destroys the entire population of bed bugs from eggs to adults.

The technique makes use of forced air heaters; temperature is raised and maintained evenly beyond the thermal point throughout the place being infected. Unlike other Pesticides, the Heat Treatment procedure allows heat to penetrate every cracks and crevice of the wall. This procedure helps to clear all the favorite dwelling places of Bed Bugs such as clothing’s, beds, woods, furniture’s, Books etc. The Heat Treatment is less toxic and thus environmentally safe.

Pest Control professionals helps to examine and detect these bugs, and recommend various course of bed bug treatment .

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Top 5 Annoying Pests Problem

One of the worst and shocking problems for a house owner is to find out that the house has been invaded by pests. There are lots of unwanted intruders that can result in issues if left untreated and ignored.


Attracted to food scraps, Cockroaches are mainly found at dirty benches and tables, drains, behind stoves and fridges, bathroom and kitchen closets, septic tanks and leak drainage system. Cockroaches can carry many disease producing germs on their bodies.


Rodents like Rats and Mice are mainly found in unhygienic dirty place. Besides spreading Bacteria and disease-causing germs they also cause significant damage by destroying things such as furniture, clothes, books, food, wires, cables, pipes etc.

Wasps and Hornets

Stinging Bugs can lead to a huge problem if bitten.  The bites and stings from wasps and hornets are usually painful and can cause allergic reaction.  Severe reactions can be rapidly fatal if untreated.


Termites cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops, plantation forests etc. Termite’s infestation can cause great damage due to their wood-eating habits.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are tiny parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood. Once invaded Bed Bugs rapidly reproduce and spread from room to room, if left untreated.  They can be avoided or eradicated with pest control treatments such as heat and steam treatments, structural fumigation’s and cold treatments.

Pest management is a good solution for keeping annoying pest’s away. Pest Control management is beneficial since it makes your place safe from the destructive outcomes of unwanted pests. Hiring a pest management professional (PMP) can be very effective at preventing, controlling and eradicating further infestations.

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